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    Override information in field (Screenshot & file attached)

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      Dropbox - Shipment Information.pdf


      Depending on the dropdown option selected (Exporter Details or Destination Details), determines what information is filled out in the Billing Details section. Sometimes information in the Billing Details section needs to be overridden (even after it is populated with the details from one of the above sections). Example of code I have on the "Name on Invoice" field in the Billing Details section (other fields have similar code):


      var ddSaveAsAbove = this.getField("SaveAsAbove").value;


      if(ddSaveAsAbove == 0)


          event.value = this.getField("Owner").value;


      else if(ddSaveAsAbove == 1)


          event.value = this.getField("DesitinationOwner").value;


      else if(ddSaveAsAbove == 2)


          event.value = "";



      Thoughts on code to OVERRIDE information in the Billing Details? Thanks!!