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    I've been signed up for a VIP agreement in the wrong market segment (commercial instead of government) and I need to cancel it and get a refund. Customer Care have completely and repeatedly failed to help, where do I go next?


      I manage licensing for a local government body and last March I needed to purchase some Photoshop subscriptions on behalf of my colleagues - they had funding to pay for 2 years prepaid for 2 users. I ordered 2 subscriptions directly with Adobe and, after a couple of quickly solved issues with the VIP agreement, my users were up and running (actually only one user, as the other subscription has never been used).


      In November, my existing user wanted to upgrade their Photoshop to the full Creative Cloud Suite and another user needed Acrobat & InDesign. I approached my usual LAR for a quote and provided our VIP number, only to be told that the number belonged to an agreement for the Commercial market sector, not the Government sector. Note that Adobe charges less under Government than under Commercial, so I paid more than I should have and I thought it fairest for Adobe to refund the difference and either convert the agreement over or cancel it and set up a new one. I wasn't asking for a full refund (even for the still unassigned Photoshop), just the extra we should never have been charged.


      Because I couldn't get a quick resolution through Adobe's Customer Care team and my attempts to contact the salesperson that handled the original order didn't respond, my LAR set up a new VIP agreement under the Government sector and sold me the required subscriptions.


      I'm now approaching the end of the first year of the original agreement and despite several attempts by me to get a resolution from Adobe (usually ending with "I'll call you back" - which has never happened), I've just received an email telling me my case has been resolved and closed.


      Is there anyone or anywhere that can help me before I'm forced to pass the issue to our Legal department?