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    NOT RESPONDING  at all, can't work anymore! any help?

    garchet Level 1



      I got huge problem on the latest version


      every single click the software goes to (Not Responding) even a single task as clicking a text toll.


      The project is not big.. just simple a logo animation.


      Other adobe softwares as Premiere, photoshop, lightroom, works perfect.. just AE that got stuck


      All starts a few days ago when i opened a project in After and i got an alert saying that Lumetri effects was missing.  I didn't get any updates or changes to de software. It was from one day to another.


      Because of that i try to update from Creative Cloud app and i got an error on installation (Installation failed, error U44M1P7).

      Went to this link and followed the instructions, try to rename the folder but didn't work, so i download the updates manually and installed. "Installation failed" error U44M1P7 with Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe Creative Suite 6 updates

      I did try to delete and install a few times, but didn't change anything. it keeps stopping every single click and takes about 1-2 minutes to get back. Than other single click stucks again.


      It is unusable and i close to my deadline.


      Please help. I don't know what to do anymore




      32 gb Ram

      Nvidia Quadro 2 gb

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