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    LR CC 2015 showing selection edges from Photoshop?


      I updated my LR and PS creative cloud apps this last month.  My Lightroom is now at cc 2015 release 2015.4.     all of sudden the lighroom images are showing the selection edges i made in the photoshop files.  for example, if i create a layered PSD file that includes a vignette which i creat by first making an elliptical selection and then adding a brightness adjustment layer and then feathering out the selection and blend it in;   it is almost not noticeable in the PSD file.  however, when i view that file (either a thumbnail or blown full screen preview) in Lightroom, the hard edge of the selection i made is showing through.  this started all of a sudden after I did my update.  I have attached a JPEG of what the image looks like in LR.   Is this a bug?  is anyone else having this issue?


      Note in the attached JPEG the lighter circle around the animal.  this is my initial selection in PSD that i used to create a vignette.  It should not be visable in LR.