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    Deleted Android keystore by mistake, can I get it back?


      I deleted the wrong keystore file by mistake and I unfortunately no longer have a copy of it (I was relying on PGB to keep it safe, in case I lost my local copy) - is there any way it can be restored it to my account?

      Responses to similar questions on the other forums said that it was against security policies to provide the keys - but I have just deleted it (which I'm sure can verified), and I'm not asking for a copy, just to restore it to the account. I still need to passwords to use it, and I can verify it is still the same guy who signed up for the phonegap account and has been paying for it every month.


      I know it was really stupid of me to lose my copy of it, and equally as stupid to delete it from my build Phonegap account, but I've searched everywhere and I'm desperate for a solution that doesn't involve not being able to update the existing app for all the current users.