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      Can I create p2p local?

      I have to create RTMFP server or i can install local Stratus ?
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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee
          Stratus is currently only available in its hosted-by-Adobe form.


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            shelest_p Level 1
            So, I can't work with P2P by local ???

            Because other server that can works with P2P is Adobe Flash Collaboration Service(COCOMO).

            But he doesn't install localy..
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              Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee
              perhaps i don't understand exactly what you are asking. RTMFP P2P connections can be made between "local" nodes in most cases, even if the RTMFP server (Stratus or the Flash Collaboration Service servers) is hosted elsewhere (at least for the meaning of "local" that i'm thinking of).

              can you elaborate on the use case you're thinking of for which the hosted services won't work?

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                shelest_p Level 1
                I want to know: Is it possible to work with P2P without internet in small local network ?
                In two variants (Stratus or Flash collaboration service) you need make call through internet.

                It would be better have local service... maybe FMS ?
                Because i can't have local Stratus or Flash collaboration service...

                Or I misunderstand something
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                  Tom Decaux Level 1
                  Simple: in order to establish the p2p connection, Flash needs to know the other Flash player ID (which is 256bits key), and uses a service (like eMule, u need an external server).
                  For the moment this service is only Stratus, hosted by Adobe (so on Internet) but its in the road map of FMS 4 (so on ur local or internet server)!

                  Or you can wait for a reverse engineering such as red5...