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    Problem with Reshape effect when morphing

    Oaneyl Level 1

      Hello everyone,


         For a documentary, I need to create a morphing effect, I want the 2 to turn into a picture (the square yellow shape). I used the reshape effect and I like the render, but I have a problem: when the number is turning into the image, the image is "cut", weird borders appear for no reason. Do you know how to fix the problem?


      Thank you in advance.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Take a close look at the bottom of that 2 -- I think you'll find your answer there.

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            Oaneyl Level 1

            Thank you for such a quick answer. I'm not sure to know what you mean... I tried to pull the bottom of the 2 up, and that's what I get... ekdstufff.jpg

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              Okay, CLOSE to the bottom.    It appears you have a closed mask path, but I'm not sure.  And the upper part of the 2 doesn't actually join to the lower, horizontal part.  I think if you re-work the mask path so you get a good outline of a 2, and not an upper part hanging above the lower part, you'll be a lot more successful.

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                Reshape cannot deal with your kind of shape. You will have to morph all the segments separately on separate layers.



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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  First, you've got to carefully analyze how you want the reshape to work, match vertexes and do some planning. You've converting a whole bunch of vertices to nine. The first vertex in the 2 is near the top left, the first vertex in the rectangle is at the top right. Things are going to get wonky. You have to plan your morph by matching the vertices to the movement you want.


                  The first thing I would do is simplify the 2 a bunch. You could eliminate about 80% of the vertices by just using the bezier tools correctly. It also looks like you have notches in your 2. If these notches are critical to the design then create them with a track matte and make the 2 one simple closed path and just fade out the notches as the 2 starts to morph. The next step in the process would be to put the first vertex in the 2 at the top left corner and set the first vertex in the rounded rectangle in the top left corner. Then you  decide what parts of the 2 you want to move to the other corners of the rounded rectangle and pick pairs of vertices in the 2 to match with the corners. You just have to keep track of these vertices in your head or make notes on a piece of paper. The last step is to count the number of vertices between the matching corners and add them to the rectangle. Something like this:

                  Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 2.20.01 AM.png

                  If you start at the first vertex of the 2 and the first vertex of the rounded rectangle

                  Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 2.21.12 AM.png

                  Then move clockwise around the paths you can see all of the corresponding points. Your image will move along these points as it morphs.

                  Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 2.24.13 AM.png

                  My first attempt shows some problems and some folding that are going to happen with the lines that cross. A little repositioning or reworking of the paths may minimize this problem. You are never going to get the shapes you have drawn to work correctly. You'll have to modify the paths.


                  To get the notches to move just have to keyframe the track matte layer so the notches go away at the appropriate time.