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    Buying new laptop for Premiere and After Effects

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      Hey! I am looking for a new laptop in the range of 1200€, maybe a bit more. I am editing 1080p (sometimes at 60fps), but in AE I want to edit templates and create cool animation intros. Nothing super advanced yet but I want it to be smooth, because on my current laptop it's super slow (playback at 3-12fps in AE). I also want Premiere Pro to be faster, especially when I add effects such as Warp Stabilization and it takes too long to render. Sometimes I use Audition, Photoshop, Prelude, Illustrator, but mostly Premiere and AE. I want to do some 4K editing in the future, but that might be too much for my budget. Or not? The reason I want a laptop is because I want the option of traveling and working.


      Current laptop: HP 250 3G

      - i5-4210U,

      - 6GB RAM,

      - Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB

      - GeForce 820m

      - LCD 1366 x 768 + External 24" full HD screen


      Laptop I might buy 1: Dell Inspiron 7559 (1170€)

      + i7-6700HQ

      + 16 GB RAM, DDR3L SDRAM, PC3 12800 (1600 MHz), both slots taken (8GB + 8GB)

      + GeForce GTX 960m 4GB GDDR5

      + 128GB SSD (type M.2, according to pictures) + 1TB HDD 5400 rpm

      + 4K display touch screen

      + 3x USB 3.0

      + Windows 10 Home

      - I need to buy 7200 rpm 2.5" disk

      Link (German)


      Laptop I might buy 2: Clevo P655SE (1200€)

      + i7-4870HQ

      +16 GB DDR3L 1600MHZ

      + GeForce GTX 970m 3GB GDDR5

      + 1TB 7200 rpm, 2 empty M.2 slots

      + Full HD display

      + 3x USB 3.0

      - I need to buy Windows (or use my old Windows 7)

      - I need to buy 128GB SSD M.2

      - I'm not sure if ebay is trustworthy

      Link (English)


      My gear:

      - 24" 1920x1080 50/60hz display

      - SSD 250GB 2.5" form my old laptop

      - Cooling pad for laptop



      What are your thoughts on these two systems in combination with my current gear in relation to the use of programs (Premiere and AE)? I'm looking forward to your replies.




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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          dell is NOT a trustworthy pc vendor, so easy enough option 1 is gone.

          if you don't want to buy from ebay, option 2 is gone.


          you can buy hp, asus, msi, or any custom laptop from a specialty dealer near you that customizes laptops.

          if you buy hp, msi, or asus you may be able to do the memory and storage upgrades yourself.


          if you want some sort of future proofing for external devices, thunderbolt will allow for that. the new laptops with thunderbolt will be a bit more money. the asus ROG G752VT-DH72 is an example of one of the new laptops with thunderbolt, that you could upgrade memory and storage yourself. you can download manuals for any laptops you are interested in, to see what upgrades are available. if you don't want thunderbolt, last gen laptops with i7-47xxxx or i7-48xxxx are very similar in performance, but can be alot cheaper.


          either of the cpu's you listed are going to be good for a laptop, but the i7-x8xxxx will be a bit better.

          for premiere you really want to stay with the gtx 970m or better. 4k with alot of gpu effects and lumetri may need a gtx 980m or gtx 980.

          finding a laptop with 4 memory slots will allow better upgrades, as you may want to have 24-32gb for AE.

          if you upgrade/add a m.2 ssd, the samsung 950 pro m.2 ssd's are really good for media and cache on one drive, if capacity allows.

          samsung also sells usb 3 ssd's if you need more drives than the laptop you get will hold, or to quickly move projects between computers.