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    FAQ: Why is playback of cached previews not real-time on Mac OS X 10.11?

    Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

      Issue: Playback of cached previews is not real-time for compositions on installations of After Effects on Mac OS X 10.11.

      See this article for a description and explanation about the issue: known issues in After Effects CC 2015  |  After Effects region of interest, see the section entitled, "playback of cached previews is not real-time on Mac OS X 10.11"


      You can work around the problem by hiding the preview time indicator (red line that moves across the Timeline panel during previews) during previews, such as the following:

      • close the Timeline panel
      • enable Full Screen the Preview panel, or press the accent-grave (`) keyboard shortcut while the mouse is over the composition panel
      • reduce the height or width of the Timeline panel, and/or twirl up layer properties to minimize the amount of screen space used by the Timeline panel
      • zoom in on the Timeline panel and move the current zoomed view up or down the composition to avoid showing the portion of the timeline you are currently previewing (thus hiding the preview time indicator)

      Status: The fix for this issue is targeted at our next update. You can also file a bug report here.