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    Scroll effects on Animate CC file not working

    Onodnar Level 1

      I'm trying to post embed an Animate CC file in my Muse webpage and use scroll effects to advance the animation as the page is scrolled down. I've created the animation, published it as a .oam file, embedded it into my Muse project, and added scroll effects set to advance to the next frame upon scroll. The embedding worked just fine and the animation is there, but there are two problems:


      1) the animation simply autoplays as soon as the page loads and does not advance along with scroll motion

      2) when the mouse cursor is hovering over the embedded animation, you cannot scroll the webpage at all


      Scroll effects are set appropriately, with the animation set to advance 1 second every 200px. I've seen tutorials on how to do this with Edge Animate, which requires unchecking an "autoplay" box on the stage, but I cannot find any such checkbox in Animate CC. Any suggestions?