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    InDesign Won't Launch/CC Panel Won't Open

    lucyguiliano Level 1

      I have the same problem about once per week. I'm using InDesign and it crashes during spell check. When I go to open it again, it won't open. The icon "bounces" but the splash screen never comes up. Then I'll try going into Creative Cloud desktop to sign out or uninstall the program, but that comes up with a white box and never opens. Rebooting does nothing to solve the problem. I have to uninstall Creative Cloud and install it again. That always solves the issue, but it takes about 45 minutes ... and usually happens when I am on a deadline! Does anyone else have this problem????


      Here's my system info:


      I'm using an IMac from 2013

      2.7 Ghz Intel

      8 GB memory

      OSX El Capitan