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    What do I do with my old lightroom?


      Hey guys - I just got the photography package on Creative Cloud and love it. The only question is, I uploaded my last shoot to the old version and didn't realize. I noticed it still holds all the photos from before I had the creative cloud account. Do they work independently from one another? How do I transfer any edits on my old Lightroom to my new creative cloud version? And once I do, do I just delete my old version??

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          Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Hi cmrobus,


          You need to upgrade the older version catalog to the new version.

          In Lightroom CC, go to File menu > Open Catalog > choose the location of your old catalog which contains latest edits > choose to upgrade.

          And yes, you can remove the older version of Lightroom program so that it would not cause confusion however, you should not delete older catalog.




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            Hal P Anderson Level 6

            Open your old catalogue with the new LR version. LR will offer to convert it to a LR 6 catalogue. Reply yes. It will create a new catalogue file, leaving the old one in place. (If you don't tell it different, it will name the new catalogue with the old catalogue name with a '-2' appended to it.)


            Your preview cache will be renamed to match the name of the new catalogue, but the old catalogue will be left intact. Personally, I'd zip the old one and hang onto it until I'm happy with the new version. At your convenience, you can delete the old version of LR.