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    Locked slides change to unlocked.


      Locked slides change to unlocked when branching in quiz sends user back to an earlier slide.

      The presentation has locked slides to enforce users to listen to narration before being allowed to move forward to next slide. A quiz in the middle of the presentation takes the user back to a previous slide, if an incorrect answer is given. When the user goes back to the previous slide all the slides become unlocked, letting the user skip forward to the end of the presentation. Does anyone know why this might be happening? Any feedback is appreciated.

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          zeeshan hussain Adobe Employee


          Behaviour you are experiencing is because slides are locked only when viewed for the first time. Subsequent views of the slide are not locked and the navigation controls are not disabled when you view them for the second time.

          To get more information on editing slide properties, see the link- https://helpx.adobe.com/presenter/using/editing-presenter-presentations.html#change_slide_ properties

          Also since you are want to refrain Learners from navigating the slides second time as well, you can hide the Playbar on individual or all slides as per your requirement using Slide Manager as shown in below screenshot.

          (Note: Hide Playbar only works for SWF output)


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          Zeeshan Hussain

          Adobe Presenter Engineering Team

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            Hello Zeeshan,

            Thank you for such a quick reply.

            I think I didn't explain the issue well enough.

            For example, the presentation is 20 slides, with all slides locked. There are three quizzes embedded throughout, the first on slide 5, the second on slide 10 and the third on slide 20. If the user answers incorrectly on slide 5, they go back to slide 3. The problem is that now the user can navigate to any slide, including slides 6-20 without having first visited those slides. For some reason all the slides are now unlocked. 

            The behavior we want, is to have the user review material they didn't understand, but then go on to the next section and have the slides locked. Is this possible to do?

            Thanks for your time,


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              zeeshan hussain Adobe Employee

              Hi Sue,


              I gave a try for the requirement you are trying to achieve and I was able to successfully accomplish it.

              For example, I created a project with 15 content slides.

              Then after slide 5, 10 and 15 I inserted 3 different quizzes which had the option for learners to review the respective content if they answered incorrectly.

              My Quiz manager looks like below with three different quizzes containing 2 questions each. Also I made sure in my slide manger, all slides are locked.

              Did you do it the same way? If yes and you are still facing the issue, I would suggest you to share your project with me using drop box. (zhussain@adobe.com)




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              Zeeshan Hussain

              Adobe Presenter Engineering Team