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    Light room 5.7 will not import my images


      Light room 5.7 will not import my photos.

      "files can not be loaded as they can not be read" - this is message I get if after I try and import from a camera.

      "could not move files to the requested location" - this is the msg is I get after I try to import off the desk top folder.


      I tried adding permissions and in MAC under Get Info : light room they read " read and wright" so presume all is good .

      I tried adding images that were onces used by my Light Room 5.7 to test if the images were corrupt, this is not the issue.

      I can drag the images off the camera's scan disk to my desk top, and still Light Room 5.7 will not import.

      I also tried downloading the 2015 -trial version and get the same messages.


      Light room however will export images I have in the Lightroom 5.7 library.

      I use a MAC