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    What is PRV?  It appears as though all of my files are destroyed

    semoial35139647 Level 1

      On the Internet it says PRV is Personal Recovery Vehicle.  Does Adobe generate this files or who does?  It appears as though all of my files are destroyed.  I have to know how that happened and by which system so I am able to protect myself.  When I open a file marked .prel most of the time it changes to PRV.

      How is Auto Save used?  It does not have all of my files.  When I opened one of the files and got images the music had  no bars across.  I dropped anything whatever into its space that did have the normal bars and it would not play.  Can you explain that?  I have the latest version of Premiere Elements 12 and am using El Capitan. I have removed all the screen shots because I thought that might be the reason for all of the returned mail.


      What is The Encoded File?


      Do you have some reason for all of my grayed out files and the conversion to PRV?  Is there some manner in which to recover my files?  The music is showing no bars.  When I dropped a test music in the bars showed but no music played.