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    trouble logging into Overdrive with Adobe ID

    Josealvar Level 1

      I have been using Overdrive for couple of years and I use it to borrow books from local library.  I am now using an iPhone for a year. in the past month, my library number gets wiped off and I have to enter it every time I log in (it doesn't remember as it is supposed to). I even during that login, I have to do it 2 to 3 times before it finally connects everything. There is a message that if you are having certain troubled, delete the program and download it again. So I did that this morning. Then I tried to log in with my Adobe ID and Password as I had done over 2 years ago. It won't accept it and then when I thought of resetting the password, it said the email address doesn't exist. However, I was log in to Adobe with the same ID and password on the laptop!!  Can someone please help me out here? I have read all there is to read in this Adobe Community regarding Overdrive, but nothing helpful. Please help, it's been a frustrating day. Thanks.