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    Lightroom -> TV




      I'm looking for a convinient way to watch, present and enjoy my photos and videos on my TV.


      One might think das Lightroom mobile would be a great way to do this, since the Images are stores and sychronized with the cloud.


      There doen't seem to be an app available for Apple TV yet and I could not find an airplay function on the iPhone app.

      Is there a was to do this?


      Sadly while experimenting I recognized, that in any case this currrently can't be a good solution.

      Adobe only allowes the usage of one catalog with Lightroom mobile and it's not possible to upload videos from Lightroom.

      Latter is possible from Lightroom mobile, but not from the desktop, which is kind of hard to unterstand.


      So the question remains:

      How do you look at photos and videos from lightroom on TV?

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          selondon Adobe Community Professional

          I like the question.


          As an Adobe Revel user that has a Lightroom trial I am looking at what LR can offer me.


          Revel has an AirPlay function, so surely this can be taken over to LRM?


          Actually, whilst your at it, could you take over the user interface and the high res storage also!