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    How can I resize when exporting from Lightroom?

    howmanypigginnamesdoitry Level 1

      I have a raw file and am exporting a JPG from it. I set the long edge size to 96 inches, the JPG quality to 100%, the (incorrectly named) resolution at 75ppi and exported a photo. The file was only 80meg and it didn't 'seem' to be 96 inches wide although I've no way of accurately measuring that.


      I did another one with the long edge set at 36 inches and the file size was only 28meg. A friend of mine has done one at 96 inches and he says his file is 1.2 gig in size!

      So, does Lightroom actually enlarge photos to that size properly and is there an interpolation routine to allow it to do that?