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    Disable App Nap for After Effects CC on El Capitan




      OS X Mavericks and Yosemite provided 'Prevent App Nap' by right-clicking the AE icon and checking a box.

      This check box for app nap is now gone in OS X El Capitan !? – has this option been totally removed from the AE application on Apple machines?

      It's a pretty critical feature - especially for overnight rendering.


      I realise this is probably a maniacal decision on Apple's part but is there a workaround / way within After Effects to stop any slowdown if the machine is left overnight?


      My overnight renders are crawling – I suspect due to power napping, as the same renders are pretty rapid when I'm active on the machine.

      I don't want to burn out my screen by disabling screen savers / having monitors on 24/7. Does anyone know of a solution to prevent power napping in/for after effects on OS X?