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    auto-align layers takes too long

    Przemek89 Level 1

      I take more than 500 photos for timelapse. Because of wind my photos are not align.

      I've tried to unshake photos using files>scripts>Load files into stack and check "auto align source images"

      But it takes more than 2 days and if I stop script all progress is lost.


      I think to do something like that:


      a=1, b=2;

      1. Read photo a into stack

      2. Read photo b into stack

      3. auto align layers

      4. export b layer to jpg (overwrite files)

      5. remove b layer

      6. b+1 (take next photo)

      7. goto 2.


      Even if I stop this script progress is saved.


      Is it possible to do this? Is there a script for that?

      Maybe there is a better way to unshake photos?

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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you cutting down your file size to your final output size before you align the layers? this may cut down the time. What you propose might work, but sometimes what you think is your base image might get repositioned also, thus throwing off the other images that have been aligned. I think a workaround for this might be adding a border to the image that you want to align the other images to, so that it's larger and then is used to move the other images. You would have to test this to see if it works.