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    ADE Authorization fails / ePub cannot be accessed anymore




      I am using ADE version 4.5.1. We had purchased an ebook from a website and had opened the ACSM-file we got with ADE. I had authorized ADE without any Adobe-ID. The EPUB-file was fully loaded and readable. Since the ebook though wasn't meant to be used on that computer that I had loaded it with (and that I had authorized), I transferred the file to the actual computer it was meant for. Of course, when opening the file on the second computer, it wasn't openable.


      What I did next was the following: I removed the authorization on the first computer, created an Adobe-ID and re-authorized it with that ID. Anyway, it just won't work opening the ebook with that ID that I created. I contacted the reseller about the problem and they were telling me that Adobe is creating an ID for me, in case I choose to authorize my computer without an ID. My problem is: How can I find out that ID, and how can I make my EPUB-file readable again? Right now it won't open on any of the two computers, no matter the kind of authorization.


      Any help will be appreciated.