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    Best configuration of drives, scratch disks, etc in new system for using Premiere?

    nigeld57983073 Level 1

      I have recently had a new high spec edit PC built. It comes with 4 drives as follows:


      • Drive 1 - 250Gb SSD currently the root drive. This drive is dual boot partitioned with a 50/50 split of the 250Gb. On one partition is Windows 7, on the other Windows 10. Right now I have installed Premiere Pro on the Windows 10 partition.
      • Drive 2 - 500Gb SSD
      • Drive 3 - 1TB SSD
      • Drive 4 - 2TB 7200rpm HDD (ie not SSD)


      So what would be the best configuration across these disks for the following:


      Captured Video

      Captured Audio

      Video Previews

      Audio Previews

      Project Autosave

      CC Libraries downloads

      Project files

      Media Cache Files

      Media Cache Database