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    Display attributes of child (XML) in Datagrid Columns


      firstly sorry for my english and I'll try to explain the best I can.

      I have a XML like this:

      It's like a configuration file with some params for each event and its own attributes. I'm trying to display in a datagrid columns the value of the params but I havent found the way to do this. Simply, i dont know how to access them. I look for E4X and its operators (".", "..", "@"), labelfunction for each column but I've never got success.

      The code that I use (very very simple).

      I only want to display the attributes "value" and "name" for each param of each event, but for the moment I only get the event attributes and access them (id,name value, params).

      If I debug my code in the eventList variable I have correctly the events and their params.

      Thanks all the answers and sorry if the solution is in cookbook and google but i didnt find!