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    Issue with Lightroom CC2015 and Bridge Performance


      I have enjoyed Adobe software since the very beginning. I was also an early Cloud customer, and have bet tested some Adobe applications. I am writing this out of frustration with two of your photography applications, Lightroom and Bridge.


      To dispel user or hardware issues, let me say that I have made a living with this stuff for over thirty years. My current machine is a late 2015 iMac i7 Retina with 16Gb ram. No issues here.


      Lightroom 2015.4

      The last several versions of Lightroom have been resource hogs. What happens is that, after about 30 minutes into a session, the fans come on and I can see my processor activity going off the charts. This slows down the entire system. Sometimes LR freezes up; sometimes it quits. Did it with my last iMac, and now with this one. This for a catalog with only a couple of hundred images.



      When it doesn’t abruptly quit after a minute or two, I notice that the images viewed by hitting the spacebar are not in focus. I can use the mouse to go to 100% view and the mage snaps to focus, but then, back in fit view, it looses it. Very disturbing. This program is unstable.


      Fortunately, I have no problems at all with Photoshop. So, until the next releases fix these performance issues, I have purchased PhotoMechanic, and will use it as the front end to my photography work. Not my preference, but it works.