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    Variable load times for ID

    DerrylS Level 1

      I experience big differences in load times of ID depending on when it is opened.


      If I load the ID app after starting the computer, it takes about 1 minute 40 seconds to load. If I then load a six page document, it loads in about 10 seconds.


      Next, if I quit ID and open it again, the load time for the app is only about 40 seconds.


      If I restart the computer, the load time for ID is back to the long load time of 100 seconds.


      If I click on a document after starting the computer, it takes about 2 minutes to load ID and the document. If I close that document and reload it, the time is just 10 seconds.


      To add to my frustration, after starting the computer I can't use any function for over 2.5 minutes because of how long it takes CC to quit hogging all the computer resources until it finishes loading.