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    Convert AI/PDF into InDesign

    Tadej Zeleznik

      Hy everybody!


      I'm "Google-ing" for about a week now for the solution on how to "import" AI or PDF files into InDesign. The only answer that I can find is "NO, you can't!". But most of the posts are a few years old but we are in 2016 now - there has to be a useful way of getting texts from AI to InDesign, right? I have 150 individual files in Illustrator (one publication - each page is a separate file) and I need to convert them into InDesign document. The problem is with the limitation of creating outlines for text..


      I tried:

      AI -> PDF -> RTF -> InDesign (somehow all text lose formatting and I lose "spaces" between words)

      AI -> InDesign (copy/paste) (Outlines..)

      AI -> PDF -> TXT -> InDesign (text is good but without formatting)

      AI -> PDF -> WORD -> InDesign (formating is "OK" but the text are separated in blocks)

      Copy/Paste from one software to another (notepad, word....)

      External tools (online converters, specific tools for the job)


      Also I tried PDF2ID (Recosoft) - trial but for $200 I would get the result I would wish for (there would be the same amount of work if I use WORD conversion) ..


      The documents include vector graphics, images, text.. If one conversion works for one thing it doesn't for other types. I could live with editing the page layout, images or vectors but I can't go without text layouts! I know there would be a lot work with conversion but I recreating entire thing from scratch is somehow illogical since we are in 2016 and Adobe selling us "suite" with compatible programs.. BTW, I have CC subscription so I have the latest version of all Adobe software. Is any other tool from Adobe arsenal useful for this?


      I don't mind doing file-by-file so any suggestion would be much appreciated!


      Regards, Tadej

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Nothing’s changed.




          These applications are not identical and are designed to work together, not replace each other.




          You have all the options. Pick the best one.

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            Tadej Zeleznik Level 1

            I know they are designed to work together - not to replace each other. BUT, if I can't migrate from one to another then I don't know how are they working "together" Again, I am aware that I would have to do some manual labour but my main concern is that I apparently have to start from scratch! I don't mind that there is no "magic" button that does what I want, but to redo all the text is not "working together" I "know" why I cant copy/paste from AI to ID (different text engine) but at least some useful import/export tools would be appreciated!

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              There already are third party tools to convert PDF to ID. You mentioned in your original post.




              What’s lost in all of this is WHY you want to do this. Perhaps if you back up to that we might have something to help.

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                SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You got all the info you need in your other thread in the Illustrator forum.

                You don't have to re-type your text, but you will have to reformat it. Copy it by selecting with the text tool, and it will come across as live text.


                If you set up Paragraph Styles and Character styles before you begin, reapplying the formatting could be relatively painless.


                As to the rest of it: any logos ad diagrams created in Illustrator can be put onto separate dartboards, and then placed into the InDesign document.

                Photos can be directly placed into InDesign.


                For speed of redoing the layouts, you can place the entire page on a locked layer in the background and use it as a template, them delete the layer when you are done. 

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                  Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                  Sometimes you can use a CC library to exchange the content, try that.