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    Problems with output options, Presenter 11


      Hello, I'm having some troubles with the all three Presenter'output options.


      I'm using Presenter 11, on PowerPoint 2010, Windows 8; I'm starting using Presenter 11 tring with small presentation made of 4 flv video of few seconds each, 4 slides and a quiz of one question taken from a group of three.

      The problem is that if I choose an Swf, Html5 or Both output options, only the html5 one works, and not totally correctly because the slides' time depends on what I choose in the settings and not from the time of the associated video.

      On the other hand, in the other two options I can't see the slides and the videos at all, I mean, they're there but the presentation starts directly from the quiz, and can't play the video if you skip on a traditional slide.


      I was even asking myself if it's normal that I have an mp4 copy of each video in the final Data folder, even if it's a Swf scorm.


      One more thing, does exist a guide to convert correctly flv files in mp4 with Adobe Encoder as in the html5 version happened that some videos where not well synchronized in audio and video?


      I tried to verify these scorms on local and on the lms platform, and as I'm used to use Adobe Presenter 7 I worked as I always done with it doing the same kind of settings.


      Thank you.

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          zeeshan hussain Adobe Employee



          I will have to take a look at the project you have created in order to troubleshoot this.

          It will be great if you could elaborate issues in more details like the respective slide numbers and anomalies you see associated with them.
          Request you to kindly package your project and share it with me using drop box. (zhussain@adobe.com)

          Note: You can package your project using Package option available on Presenter ribbon.



          Zeeshan Hussain

          Adobe Presenter Engineering Team