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    Ajax question - driving me mad!!


      I am still trying to get my head around the whole Ajax "game" perhaps someone can help me. I have a page which shows lets say 10 rows in a table representing different analyses the user has saved. rather than simply click thru to the page "produc.cfm" I want to show each row as

      <tr><td><a href="product.cfm" onmouseover="getproductdetails('#databaseid#');"">R#reportnumber# #provider# #reporttitle#</a></td></tr>

      with the idea that in a div I show the main results in a side part of the page as the user scrolls down like a preview. I have a cfc which seems to be working correctly:

      <cffunction name="getreportstructure" access="remote" returnFormat="json"
      <cfargument name="databaseid" required="no" type="string" default="0">
      <cfset var mystruct=structnew()>
      <cfquery name="getd" datasource="timm-spiraldatabase" maxrows="1">
      select * from report
      where databaseid =#databaseid#
      <cfset mystruct.closingdate=getd.closingdate>
      <cfset mystruct.strikedate=getd.strikedate>
      <cfreturn mystruct>

      so when the user hovers over the row I want to show the closingdate and strikedate in the div

      have tried a 100 cominations over the last 3 hours without success - help!!