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    Majority of Graphics Are Missing in HTML Build: RH 10 [] on Windows 7 Professional, SP1

    nancygraz@pi Level 1

      Hi Everyone,


      I am really frustrated right now, and am ready to throw RH out the window.   I am using RH 10 [] on Windows 7 Professional with SP1 and 16GB of RAM. There have been no major changes to my computer other than the standard patches/updates that are routinely pushed down to us at work. I have not installed any new software.


      I have been working on the same project file for the last 6-9+ months. I have not changed directories. I have not changed file names. I have not changed computers. My build from September 25, 2015, (which was our most recent product release) looked and worked beautifully.


      However, on January 8, 2016, I updated our copyright date and made one or two other typo fixes, and then did another build. Apparently this is when everything went haywire. MOST (but, curiously enough, not ALL,) of the graphics within my chm file had been replaced with the "broken link/missing graphic" symbol. Here is a sample:


      Missing Graphics.JPG


      The really bizarre thing is each and every graphic, without exception, displays properly within its associated topic when I open the topic up to edit it, AS WELL AS in Preview Mode! Yet when I build my project and view the final result, the graphics are gone. And it isn't a case where all graphics are either missing or visible within any given topic - some graphics within any given topic are there while others are missing.


      But wait - it gets even MORE bizarre. IF I:

      • Open each topic in my project;
      • Double-click on each and every graphic to open its Image dialog;
      • Click OK to dismiss the Image dialog (having made NO CHANGES mind you;)
      • Save the topic;
      • Close the topic;
      • Once all topics have been "updated" I then generate my Primary Layout, ALL IMAGES ARE MAGICALLY THERE!


      I have done this TWICE already. But the minute I close my project, go home for the day, open my project up the next day, make a few more changes, and then generate my Primary Layout, I am back at Square One and most of my images have once again gone POOF! I simply CANNOT continue touching each and every graphic every day! My project includes 535 topics and about 850 graphics - many of which are reused throughout so touching each one is really out of the question.

      I have done several searches trying to find any inkling of what is going on. I am really at my wits' end - hopefully SOMEONE has some idea of how to fix this - as I said, I am ready to scream!