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    State problems inside tabs

      hi there,
      I am currently creating a simple task manager.
      I have a tab navigator with two Tabs - Tab A and Tab B, each tab contains a datagrid showing either Open tasks, or Closed Tasks.
      When you are in the Open tasks tab and you click on the datagrid, the state changes to "view open tasks" where the datagrid resizes and a text field appears displaying the full information of the selected datagrid (this happens all within the tab).
      This is the same when you are in the Closed Tasks tab where once a row is selected from the datagrid, the state changes to "view closed tasks" etc.
      Now, the problem occurrs when I am in the Open Tasks tab and the "view open tasks" state is activated then I flip to the Closed Tasks tab and activate the "view closed tasks" state and then when I flip back to Open Tasks tab the "view open tasks" state is no longer active, it has gone back to the base state... I suspect this is because I activated the "view closed tasks" which must override any currently active state.

      I am wondering it there is anyway to keep both states active....would it be a case of making each tab a custom component?
      Any help would be immensely helpful!!!

      thank you