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    Preview in AFX - shortcuts for previewing missing on my laptop


      Hey folks,

      I have a question about the new preview behaviour - specifically regarding the shortcuts for previewing.

      First I was very irritated that my spacear did not work anymore as a preview button. Instead it was and is still switching to the hand tool. I found only two shortcuts for preview modes on my MBP: Numpad period (.) and Option + Numpad period (.)

      But then I had the chance to work on a iMac and wow, there the spacebar was available as a preview shortcut - incl. all the other modes, not only two like on my laptop.

      So... on my german keyboard on my MBP I can only use one shortcut. Only this one works: Option + Numpad period (.)

      The other is not accessible, because I do not have a NumPad on my laptop. Only with the use of a keyboard with a numpad the second works.

      But the other options like triggering play / stop with the spacebar, are not available. What the ****?!


      Screenshot 2016-02-23 21.41.23.png

      After a little research, I found this statement: "These shortcuts are not configurable nor affected by the new Preview panel controls."

      And I did not find a tutorial or topic or questions covering something similar.

      Dear Adobe, I want my spacebar back for playback on my laptop!

      Am I missing something (very simple)?

      Why do I see only two preview modes on my laptop? Where are the others?

      And why can't I change the shortcuts? (that would be an awesome addition for the next version - why do we still have to use the old script KeyEd?!)

      Thanks in advance