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    Why do some PDF pages display as only black when viewed on an iPad?

    jerryl56998574 Level 1

      I have been using InDesign since it came out at CS.  I have several clients who require PDF files of publications to display on their websites. I always used a hybrid export (export as high-quality print file, then optimize at 96 dpi and save as reduced file size.)  This usually works fairly well but recently I had a publication that exported the entire 72 pages just fine, but when I opened it on my iPad / iPhone, some of the pages were just black pages, no image.  I found that if I exported them as PDFX/1a, they work just fine, but the file size is much larger and pretty much unusable for web content.  Is there anything I can do to overcome this problem?  It seems that only the iPad and iPhone are affected by this anomaly.  My iMac and Mac Book Pro are just fine.