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    How do you install Adobe Flash Player successfully on a MacBook running Snow Leopard OS X 10.6?


      I have been having troubles, as the title suggests, installing adobe flash player onto my OS X 10.6. Here are the steps I'm following, along with the results I get back:


      I go to the link below,

      Adobe Flash Player Install for all versions


      and under Step 1, I select:

      MAC OS X 10.6 - 10.11


      ...under Step 2, I select:

      FP 20 MAC for Safari and Firefox - NPAPI


      After ensuring that all old Adobe Flash programs are cleared from my computer (I even double checked using Adobe's website to make sure there was no Adobe Flash Player installed on my computer), I clicked (on the aforementioned link "Download Now".

      A file called "install_flash_player_osx.dmg" pops up in my "downloads" folder on my computer. Great so far!

      I open said file and this pops up:

      I do what you would think I would do, and I double click the folder. Then, my Mac freaks out and asks me if this folder is to be trusted...

      I say "yes, it is to be trusted" by clicking Open. Then Adobe freaks out and asks me if I'm going to sue it:

      I say "No, Adobe, I don't have money to sue you" and I check the box. Then I click Install. My computer freaks out and asks again if Adobe is to be trusted...ugh

      I repeat myself, and give the computer permission to proceed. Lastly, everything seems dandy, and I get this screen telling me everything was a success:

      I click DONE and the box goes away. I restart my browser in excitement, open up YouTube to see if it works.... And.... The first video I click on will not successfully load giving me a black screen.

      If I go to the URL listed below:


      it tells me this:

      Why wasn't this Flash Player installation successful? What do I have to do to get this installed on my computer? I hope that my answer is as thorough and to the point as my question was, because this issue has caused me to revert through two operating systems, costed me multiple days of frustration, and $20. If Adobe wants my love, you're going to have to work for it.