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    incorrect type inferrence when returning JSON from a cfc?

      So, I have a CF function inside a cfc file that queries my SQL database and then returns the CF query object. One of the database fields is an nvarchar field contains a bunch of check numbers, some of which have leading zeros.

      The example I have used is a field containing the string "02":
      If I use cfdump, it shows up correctly as 02.

      If I call the cfc directly from my browser and ask it for wddx, I get the correct result <field name='CHECKNUMBER'><string>02</string></field>

      If I call the cfc directly from my browser and ask for json, I get 2.0 back. WRONG.

      Is CF8 just naively guessing the datatype when is does JSON serialization? CF query objects have types in them and it does it correctly in the other two cases so it obviously has the correct type information available. I ended up retrieving WDDX instead of JSON and deserializing it into a Javascript object using the wddxDes.js file from www.openwddx.org. I also find it strange and annoying that the matching wddx.js file from the same web site is included with the standard installation of Coldfusion but the deserializer part is not. Has anyone else run into these problems or found a solution that works without extending Coldfusion with outside help? This just seems like a straight-up bug in CF8 to me.