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    Adobe stole $145

    Bennett Oh

      It all started when Adobe charged subscription fees even after my subscription has ended. Due to this unexpected debit on unused account, my balance fell below zero ($-5.42) as a result of my bank's overdraft fees ($35).


      I talked to a couple agents via adobe chat service, and they promised that refund will be made in 2-3 business days. However, I didn't get any answer after that period so I talked another one who promised the same thing.

      Over many conversations with several agents via adobe chat service, I received refund after two weeks.


      Over the two weeks, my bank charged extended overdraft fees, and every time they broke their promise I reminded them about my bank's policy and accumulating overdraft fees. (I provided screen shots as evidence, and these information are available on public)

      All of them told me to rest assured since the order will be processed this time, and take no action. Over the weeks, my banked charged me two additional overdraft (each worth $35).

      Since I was only following agents' instructions, I believe it was Adobe's responsibility to deal with it. So I sincerely requested $70 refund.

      After another week, Adobe decided to deny my request. On top of the original $70, I'm paying another $35 for that extra week that Adobe took the answer. Since I'm in Canada, $40 international wire transfer fee. (I also clearly stated this in our conversations)

      Thanks to Adobe's slow response time, irresponsibility, and simplest accounting error, I took out $145 from my own pocket.

      I am thoroughly disappointed on this software company that I once believed was credible, trustworthy, and reliable.

      What's been done is done, and there is very little I can do as a minor power in this field. I became tired to telling the same story to several agents over and over.

      As I mentioned a number of times in our conversations, I decided to open this to the public. So here it is. Thanks for reading.

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          Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

          57.39 $ has already credited back to you as exception.


          CS Case : 0217808335 , please check the case notes as the overdraft exception has been provided & refunded.




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            Bennett Oh Level 1

            Thanks for your attention Rajashree, but that's clearly not the problem.

            It was an issue that could have been resolved easily had Adobe not been so hesitant. The fee was a result of false promises, and it had incurred while waiting for Adobe to process the request.

            I'm just trying to resolve this issue peacefully. I asked multiple agents whether I should restore the balance for the time being, and have the amount reimbursed. Everyone responded 'no', because refund will be made in 2-3 days. It took 2 weeks! I even asked them if they really promise, is it really guaranteed.. to which they all said 'yes'. I just want Adobe to be responsible to their own words. How can one trust a company that breaks smallest of promises like this?