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    Lightroom 5 Develop module is not displaying edits in real time - locks on original image


      After almost a year of using Lightroom 5 (Version 5.7.1)with no problem it now will not display changes/edits as I make them in the Primary Loupe View.  The image changes in the filmstrip at the bottom.  The Navigator view goes dark once a change is made.  If I I have the secondary monitor active it will show the change in real time (due to the quality of the secondary monior I do not use it for edits).  If I return to the Library Loupe view the changes from the Develop module are shown.  I can also make make and view real tiem changes in the Librrary module under the Quick Develop panel. IF I return to the Develop Module the updated(edited) image is displayed but again it stay locked on that image in the Loupe View.   I strongly suspect I have accidentally made some key stroke in error which created this situation but I can not really pinpoint exactly when this problem occured abut 5 days ago.

      The problem persists with any image.  I have tried several images - old and new.  The only software or other change I introduced in the last 30 days was Piccure+ about 30 days ago.  I have subsequently removed it as a precaution.  No change resulted.  Additional actions I have taken include 1) Reseting Preferences (twice), 2)Reinstalling the software twice, the second time I removed all supporting files / presets except the current catalog and 3) I have used backup catalogs as well going back to time period well before the problem showed up.  I am running Windows 7 Professional with Service Pack 1, 64 bit OS

      Any suggestions greatly appreciated.  I feel like I am running low on things to try.  Thanks --Jeff