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    "Hanging problem" — indesign

    Mohammad Modassir Level 1


      Im using the latest Indesign version through subscription. And there is a problem which is that when i edit a text from one language to another — it "hangs up" like "loading" for a few seconds before it releases the process of editing. So it's taking me long time before im able to translate only a few sentences. It is a book containing 1000 pages and does not contain any pictures. I have turned off "Preflight" and also turned down all miniboxes — so when i startup the program it goes smoothly for 5 minutes before the problem hanging problem interfere and im stuck once again.


      I tried to move 100 pages to a new indesign file but then i got the problem of grid — and when i changed the grip properties to be as the same as the original file — it simply would not allow it. It's very important that the grid is the same.


      So what else can i do to eliminate this hanging problem?