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    Textbox becomes locked after resizing

    gunnarlinn Level 1

      Hi all.


      I'm making a multi-page/spread publication. Suddenly, while laying out the text flow over the pages, I encountered a serious problem which I can't solve.


      I was creating a new linked textbox on an empty spread. No problems until I tried to resize the textbox. Then it became locked. I can't select it, I can't move it, I can't double-click it to edit its contents. The only thing I can do is to undo, and then everything is back to normal. But when I try to resize it again, the same thing happens. Moving it around seems to work, but resizing makes it freeze to death.


      I've tried trashing preferences and caches, no luck.

      I've tried saving as IDML and reopening, no luck.

      I've tried removing the spread where the problem appears, no luck.

      I've tried rebooting my system, no luck.

      I've checked if the textbox or its layer might have become locked in the layers palette, but no.


      Strange thing: when I do the resizing attempt, a thin blue line appears at the lower edge of the pasteboard. Then, when I try to move the locked textbox, this blue line jumps to the upper edge of the pasteboard.


      Undoing a couple of times takes me back to normality. But I can't get past this problem! Any ideas?

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          gunnarlinn Level 1

          Tried rebuilding the document from not-really-scratch: I created a new document but I imported the text styles and I imported the text (from Word) without checking for errors there first. Same problem appeared a few pages into the document.


          Next thing will be to remove all formatting from the Word text and see if it helps. Baah, I don't have time for this.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Some screen shots, with frame edges and non-printing characters showing, might help.

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              gunnarlinn Level 1

              Yes, probably, but right now it seems like I've solved it.


              Since everything was fine up to the point where I placed a new linked textbox on a specific page, I suspected that there might be something wrong with the text to be placed. So I deleted all text from a point slightly before that point and onward. Then I went back to my Word original, copied the text that I just deleted, pasted it (without formatting) into Text Edit, and then copied that text and pasted it into InDesign. After that, everything actually seems cool.


              But probably I'll be back tomorrow saying that it didn't help. Let's see.

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                gunnarlinn Level 1

                Can confirm that Word crap format info was the culprit. Note that I placed the text as "unformatted", but still, some weird info managed to sneak through. The trick to paste the text into a third app and then copy it from there worked fine.