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    External Problem in Lightroom 5


      iMac..10.9.5 Opened Ltr could not access (bouncing beach ball) getting that a lot lately in Ltr.  Waited , then realized I was off line. Back on line, reopened

      Ltr and briefly appeared a yellow triangle {external problem in Ltr} Now my folder panel is gone, not greyed out, gone.  Tried >file>open most recent> relaunch.

      Nothing.  >window>panel> folders is checked.I now have my folders back. if I use Ltr 5 Catelog.Ircat-/////users my name/Pictures/Ltr/Backups/ 2016-01-02 0929

      and now in panel section folders is unchecked.  I was not woking in Ltr when this occurred.Does someone know what is going on?  Why backups?

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          Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

          Hi Fraustene,


          Could you please let me know if the Folder Panel is missing from Lightroom.

          You can always get the Folder Panel back, Windows > Panel > Folders.

          Please make sure that Lightroom is updated to Lightroom 5.7.1.
          Also if it something else could you please let me know .




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            Fraustene Level 1

            The folder panel is back.  I could not get the folder panel back  Windows>Panel>Folders.  I got the folder panel back by going to

            >Finder>Pictures Lightroom.  Then thru Lightroom 5 Catelog Ircat., but now it is Ltr  5 Catelog.Ircat/Users/my name?Pictures/

            Lightroom/Backups/ 2016-01-02 0929.  Why Backups.  I have Lightroom 5.7.1.  I think something failed in Ltr.  I have been getting the

            bouncing ball a lot lately in Ltr.

            Thank You

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              Fraustene Level 1

              I have  5.7.1  I now have all my folders but Ltr is telling me they are a backup.  Before it was Ltr 5 Catelog.Ircat/users/my name/Pictures

              now it says the same except Backups/2016-01-02.  I tried Windows>Panel>Folders and that did nothing.  I think  there was

              some problem in Ltr.

              Thank You