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    Dual Monitor Does Not Work In Adobe After Effects CC 2015 After Update


      Before I did the most recent update (I updated in Feb 2016), I had dual monitors working on my Mac with my monitor and a 4K LG TV hooked up via HDMI. Both After Effects and Premiere would output the preview to the LG 4K TV. After the update, Premiere Pro still works but After Effects does not. I double checked to make sure that the TV was selected for video preview in the preferences. I tried playing with the arrangement in Displays, I tried checking the "Primary Viewer Icon" and the "Always Preview This View" icons on the Comp window, nothing seems to work. Again, everything was fine before the update and all of the settings are the same as before. I am still using Mavericks but I really don't want to update to El Capitan and I don't see why that would be the solution since it worked before the update.