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    Designers: after designing say, a custom gooey animation, what DO you do with the .AE file? Can the .AE export to/go on the website, or do you just hand it to your dev team and let them figure out how to code it?


      Hope that made sense. UI designer here and haven't touched AE yet. Mainly work with Illustrator/Sketch/Photoshop and wanting to learn more about AE since it's so good at communicating animations to our front end dev.


      HOWEVER, before going down the rabbit hole to learn it... I wanted to understand the actual value of animating something in AE. If I design a button in Illustrator, that .AI file can be exported to many things like PNG/SVG/JPG/TIFF, and I can easily hand it off to front end to implement the  "img" in their code. After Effects is a truly powerful tool for demonstrating animations, especially since I'm a WYSIWYG UI designer and there are very custom microinteractions I plan to design with AE.


      Here's an example of my problem - say I create a cool After Effects gooey menu button with custom animation. Can I stick it in an iOS / Android app or do I just show the developers my animation and let them figure it out? Sorry if it's a silly question, but I can't seem to find answers.