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    turn off and disallow the possibility of auto-hyphenation within a complex file that has several users


      My boss HATES HYPHENS . .. so do I.


      Hyphenation is simply not acceptable in my complex document that has 100's of text boxes and several users.


      DO I have to check Each and every text box for hyphenation throughout the design / review process?  (doing this time waster now)


      OR  - Can I just deem hyphenation a 'no-no" in the program or master document level and have that override the possibility of someone bringing in a "polluted" hyphen text box that has unwanted hyphens ?


      Is there a :No Hyphens Allowed MASTER FEATURE?  My co-worker copies and pastes a "POLLUTED" hyphen text boxes ALL THE TIME. I want the program  to "JUST SAY NO"