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    Software Simulation - Picture in Picture

    CraigCC Level 2

      Captivate 9.0


      Hi All,


      Looking for some ideas /experience if you can help please?


      I need to record a Captivate Simulation showing a desktop tool that allows you to make simple modifications to a mobile device.

      So ideally, on the left hand side of the slide I need to show the desktop tool and then on the right (or overlayed somehow) i need to show the Mobile Device. 

      I think this is referred to as Picture In Picture (PIP) .


      Any ideas/tips on how to achieve this gratefully received.


      many thanks


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          BDuckWorks Level 4

          You didn't give much details on the mobile device's OS you recording.


          If you're wanting to record iOS, you may be able to accomplish this via the iOS simulator in the XCode package from Apple.


          You can arrange the simulator and your app on the same window for recording.


          I'm not sure this can be accomplished on windows for iOS as XCode & the simulator are Mac only.