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    Major tethering issues.


      Trying to tether capture using light room and a Canon 60D. When I try to take a picture the camera will display a flashing BUSY. When unplugged this does not happen. If that problem doesn't happen I will take a picture and it will work just fine, if I take another, it will become stuck transferring the pictures and will never finish, even if I try turning the camera off the Camera will say i'ts in the middle of transferring files and will not shut off unless I take the battery or memory card out of the camera. If that doesn't happen Lightroom just crashes and I need to restart it.


      Sometimes I can take a picture and it will all work fine. Usually only the first few.


      Shooting at S1 no raws because that is all the quality I need and I thought It would make workflow faster. Using a generic USB about 2ft, and a more expensive special tethering cord about 15ft both are causing the problem. On OS X 10.10.5. Lightroom (2015.2.1) was updated a month or two ago, and the 60D has up to date firmware as well.