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    How to make sure ALL points in a motion path are horizontally the same

    patrickpmm Level 1

      I am following some online instructions but I can't seem to get it right. I have a motion path (simple text symbol of one word) moving from left to right. It fades in from Alpha 0  just after it starts moving from the left, it hits Alpha 50% in the middle of the movement, and fades out to 0 just before it hits it's destination on the right.


      I made some changes and seem to have knocked some of the points in the movement off the horizontal line, so during the animation it dips down and back up. I keep trying to use the select and the subselect tool to grab individual points and set the y axis using the x/y in size and position on the Properties tool. I'm not able to make it work properly. Is there a very specific way to select o symbol that is part of a motion and automatically set the horizontally point (y) for ALL points in that motion path? Even using the "Path" settings for x/y on the properties panel isn't helping. If I select the whole object and the colored motion path shows up, and change that number, I still have points in the motion that aren't taking on the horizontal number.


      Thanks for any info!