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    Upgrade CF10 to CF11 - Serial/Covered under maintenance contract


      Hi All,


      I am fairly new to the Adobe community though I have been the administrator for our CF10 Instances for a while and I update it every once in a while.

      I have been tasked by my management to seek out upgrading our CF10 environments to CF11.  We do have a yearly maintenance contract in place with Adobe for ColdFusion.

      Do you know if the standard maintenance contract includes free upgrades or must we purchase new versions or is each contract "unique?"


      Also, the environments were upgraded from CF9 to CF10 a couple years back.  When I upgrade to CF11, would I need to request a new serial number from Adobe through our software liason or would it accept our CF10 license and update it to the new one after I migrated the environment?


      Thanks in advance!

      Ben Compton

      National Security Technologies, LLC

      A contractor to the US Department of Energy