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    Hang up transferring an e book from Adobe Digital Edition to a Nook Tablet


      I have been using the Adobe Digital Edition to transfer library e books from my computer onto my 4 year old Nook Tablet for a long time.  I had no problems, until recently.  I don't know if it has to do with the recent upgrade or not.  But when I go to transfer the book onto the Nook tablet from Adobe Digital Edition on the computer, it just sits there saying it is transferring the book and it never finishes.  I end up having to close the program down.  When I check my Nook, the book is there and sometimes I can then open the book on the Nook and read it and other times it tells me the loan has expired, even though I just borrowed and downloaded the book. I have even tried re-downloading the book from the library again and still get the same results.  I have a new Samsung Nook as and I could open that same book using Overdrive on it, that I couldn't open on the older Nook.  So the loan was good.  I have been fighting it for several weeks and have tried to find a fix and don't know what to do.  I am frustrated.