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    Lightroom CC will not open...


      I can't get Lightroom CC to open. I was working in Lightroom just fine until I tried to open a file from Lightroom into Photoshop CC. I did the "open in" - Photoshop CC option and Photoshop itself opened, but not the image I wanted to work on. I thought it might just be a glitch, so I tried closing Lightroom and reopening. But now I can't even get Lightroom to open back up. What the heck?! I keep having this issue with Lightroom CC - I click to open it and it looks like it is opening, but nothing happens...


      I read that I should log out of my CC account and log back in, but I'm not sure how to do that and Lightroom dropdown menus (preferences, etc.) are not working either.


      I thought switching to CC would make my life easier, but it has been a pain... I am so frustrated.


      I am working on an iMac


      Please help!