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    oam doesnt show in FIREFOX as soon as I add video into the animation...




      I am building a litte interactive animation with Edge Animate that will turn on/off some descriptions on the page.


      So there are some ICONS in light grey, once you press on it some videos will play to present the topic.


      All works well in CHROME, SAFARI, IE - just Firefox is kind of blocking the whole thing.

      Nothing from the Animation (that was embedded as .oam into MUSE) will show.


      Everything works in Firefox up to a point when a video is implemented.

      (I did check on the about:config settings if media.autoplay is on, this is the case)...


      Anything I can do to get this running in FIREFOX?


      Many Thanks,




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Firefox does not fully support some H.264 and H.265 stuff since they are reluctant about the licensing, perhaps that's what's causing it. In any case, and that's strictly personal opinion, your whole idea sounds terrible - your stuff will be all kinds of trouble on many systems that may not have the newest versions of browsers and operating systems and it's going to be a nightmare on mobile devices. It's simply not a good idea, especially considering that a lot of this stuff could probably be done using other techniques even in Muse...