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    InDesign - I need help with hyphenation

    Thomas Smit

      Hi there,


      I'm working on something huge. Let me explain a bit:


      There is going to be a huge print with a lot of names. The names will be given inside an excel sheet.

      Because it's about this many names (100.000) everything needs to fit within a system. I got the system working now but now I have a problem...

      After every name there is a space and than a star(*) and again a space. The star must be BEFORE every name. I don't want to check every single line and place an enter to get it to the next line. So this star may not be at the END of the line.


      I already am working with Paragraph styles and Character styles.

      The star(*) after every name is a certain character style so it's easy to change.


      Finally my real question: Is there a setting for the Hyphenation so a star(*) doesn't stay at the end of the line?


      You are all hero's!